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Drop us some email at: info@editcorp.com
or give us a call at (573) 202-8596

Our mailing address is:
Easy Does It Technologies LLC
PO Box 784
Rolla, MO. 65402

Our office is located inside the Technology Development Center Building on the campus of the Missouri University of Science and Technology
900 Innovation Drive
Suite 110
Rolla, MO. 65401

The Past

Easy Does It Technologies LLC (EDIT) was started in Richland Washington in 1996 with a focus on bringing greater access to the information businesses had located on their computer systems to their customers and employees via the Internet.

At that time, we partnered with Hewlett-Packard and specialized in customers utilizing the HP3000 Series line of Business Computers. Technologies such as ODBC and Samba were still relatively new and few HP3000 shops had the necessary experience to make use of these new abilities. At this same time, a small publishing company named O'Reilly started giving away web server software named WebSite and bundled with it a free version of a web application product named ColdFusion by a small company named Allaire. By combining all of these technologies, EDIT was able to bring the information previously locked up within a customer's HP3000 to their employees, clients, and customers.

In 1999, EDIT relocated from Washington State to Rolla Missouri. Along with more general HP3000 consulting, several successful higher profile projects were implemented for The Campus Bookstore at Queens University, York University Bookstore, The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra, and others.

EDIT officially merged with Integrated Information Systems, Inc. of Louisville KY in 2004 and the award winning Manufacturing Intelligence Center product (MIC) was born. Over the years, additional functionality was added and the MIC became the Integrated Manufacturing Intelligence (IMI) product.

2012 brought more changes with I2S officially opening an office in the Technology Development Center in Rolla, and a focus on supporting their manufacturing related customer base. Development of a cloud-based version of IMI began which would appeal to a more general audience. EDIT therefor became independent once again in order to support the existing non-manufacturing customers.

The Present

In October 2016, I2S has outsourced much of the development and support for the cloud-based IMI application to EDIT. We've taken over the office space inside the Technology Development Center, and have once again started accepting new clients.

The Future

It's still being written!